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Tiggy Tattoos

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Tiggy is a tattoo artist specialising in bright and bold colour tattoos. Tiggy has been tattooing for over a decade, is the owner of Mt. Moon tattoo and also the previous owner of the wonderful Briar Rose Tattoo in London.  She is sponsored by Killer Ink Tattoo and has been featured in magazines / blog posts and other media surrounding tattooing.

She enjoys tattooing a wide variety of subject matter. Mainly themes of pop culture, video games / anime and Disney. She has also plastered the shop with all sorts of cute and nerdy things to make it feel as homely and comfortable as possible. Tiggy prides herself on giving the best tattoo experience she can, and catering to her clients needs wherever possible. 


Please note that Tiggy opens and closes her books periodically where she's quite booked up. You can find out whether her books are open via her mailing list which you can subscribe to on her website.

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