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Jack Stabs

Piercing - Tuesday to Saturday 11am til 4:30pm

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Jack is the newest member of the Mt. Moon team and is our resident piercer!

With 3 years of piercing experience behind him, he loves working with high end jewellery lines to curate stunning works of art.  His current favourite things to work on are high paired nostril and septum piercings with focus on achieving an absolute perfect placement. 

We keep some jewellery in stock at the shop, and we are able to order pieces in.

Check out the jewellery we have here - 

Price List

You must be age 14+ to be pierced here. **See specific piercings for other restrictions

Lobes £30 for 1st and 2nd pair

Lobes £20 each 

Helix / Forward Helix  £30

Rook £30

Daith £30

Conch £30

Tragus £30

Nose £30

Septum £30

Bridge £30

Medusa £30

Monroe £30

Labret £30

Snake Bites £60

Tongue £40 *age 16+ 

Tongue downsize after 2 weeks - Free

Smiley £40

Eyebrow £30

Navel £40

Nipples £30/£50  *age 18+ 

All piercings come with standard jewellery as default. Upgrades available, please consult with Jack for accurate pricing. 

Downsize with standard jewellery £5

Additional jewellery downsize and check up - Free


Please contact Jack directly to discuss your piercing ideas

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